CyberPunk 2077 Audio Overhaul Torrent Download

CyberPunk 2077 Audio Overhaul Mod Torrent Download - Enhance the poor audio mix of the game

CyberPunk 2077 Audio Overhaul

Around 800 audio files has been individually opened,,modified and enhanced to make a proper audio mix and balance.

Long story short, the game has poor (no) audio mix.
I mean... When you see that some musics in the same "mood" can be 20% louder than the previous one for no reason with the voices or the sounds effects sticking in the same lower volume range.

As Yoda used to say, the higher the quality of your audio material, the more differences you will notice.

Nothing is more painfull to me than:
A loud loop of combat music
A bad audio mix when the music is louder than the voices
A cat tryng to get your attention when your're moding
You could simply adjust the music volume in the options again and again, adjust music and sound thow.

So, after a month of work, there's my attempt to fix some of those things.

It's not a radical way to fix the audio like completly remove the audio of combat or anything but a slight modification of every files. I've limited myself to 4 db to keep the vanilla feel and with my audio system it's fine.

To be more specific on what the mod does, for instance, loud audio on a night club will be still loud, but now can now listen what other people are telling you!  Combat music is still loud either, less annoying because the difference between ambiant music is now acceptable. This list of what I did is still pretty long and depend of each file but don't forget that the purpose is more to make a proper audio mix than adding polka in the afterlife. Hmm Just got a mod idea, brb ^^

If I have time I'll do a video to let you see the difference. But after all this work, and all the shxxx that the upload of the files was,  I'm really tired of Cyberpunk moding so If you want to, feel free to do it and I'll put it right here.

CyberPunk 2077 Audio Overhaul

Mod Size: 11 GB

Mod by: NEXUS
 (You can also learn more about mod and have more download links)

Links are here:


  • You'll finally get a file named: basegame_Cyberpunk Audio Overhaul.archive
  • Copy it to "GameDir\archive\PC\Patch"
  • If the patch folder does't exist, create it

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